Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Atherosclerosis
Chapter 2.0 Cancer
2.1 Lung Cancer
2.2 Colorectal Cancer
2.3 Breast Cancer
2.4 Prostate Cancer
2.5 Pancreatic Cancer
2.6 Bladder Cancer
2.7 Head and Neck Cancer
2.8 Stomach Cancer
2.9 Endometrial Cancer
2.10 Skin Cancer
Chapter 3 Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
Chapter 4 Accidents
Chapter 5 Diabetes
Chapter 6 Cirrhosis
Part II: High- Risk Lifestyle Choices
Chapter 7 Tobacco
Chapter 8 Alcohol
Chapter 9 Obesity
Chapter 10 Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Chapter 11 Drug Abuse
Part III: Prevention
Chapter 12 Exercise
Chapter 13 Diet

Excerpt 1

A great tragedy is occurring. Millions of people are dying prematurely. These people are killing themselves and they don’t even know it...

The relationship between lifestyle and disease has been well established. A twenty-four-year Harvard study of over 77,000 women found that 55 percent of their deaths could be attributed to smoking, obesity, a lack of physical activity, or a low-quality diet (1). Similarly, a Cambridge study has suggested that a healthy lifestyle could add fourteen years to our lives (2).

The top five causes of death in the United States are heart disease, cancer, stroke, chronic lung disease, and accidents (3). Fortunately, most of these deaths could be prevented.

Excerpt 2

Thank you for reading this book. The diseases which are most common killers in our society can usually be prevented by simple lifestyle choices. You now have the information which that could prevent 90 percent of heart disease, 67 percent of cancer, 90 percent of chronic lung disease, nearly all cases of sexually transmitted disease, as well as most cases of accidental death, diabetes, and cirrhosis. If the lifestyle choices outlined in this book were uniformly adopted, the savings in suffering and health care costs would be tremendous. Please teach your friends and family about the principles that you have learned. The best way to eliminate disease is to prevent it from ever happening.